Why Scrubportal?

We Do the Heavy Lifting

We negotiate rates and we are JCAHO certified.

Back Office Support

Need a team to support you? Scrubportal will be your backbone in each step! Ask us how!

Work from Anywhere

All you need is an internet connection, and you're ready to go! Access Scrubportal anywhere!

Step Forward to Success

Looking to challenge yourself every day? Scrubportal is your partner in achieving your everyday targets.

Autonomy and Flexibility

You dictate how quickly your business grows.

Adapt and Grow your Network

Make colleagues and grow your network of healthcare professionals.

Tools Designed For You

Easy Document Storage

Access to your documents whenever and wherever you want them! 100% encrypted and secured.

Simplified Competency Testing

Scrubportal provides complete checklists for each healthcare specialty. Complete and submit skills checklist and exams online at your convenience.

HD Video Calls and Chat Rooms

Conduct interviews over the internet. Connect with people in the industry from newbies to distinguished veterans.

Real-time Assignment Access

The most comprehensive listing of healthcare assignments available.

Customized Notifications

Convenient text or e-mail notifications of relative assignments customized to your preferences.

Resume Creation and Enhancement

Scrubportal's experts will help you create the perfect resume.

Your success story starts here.