Be a great leader

and earn the rewards

Successful owners can expect

Startup costs as low as

Annual revenue potential*

Annual profit potential*




* Figures are projections for owners operating with 1-40 Nurses Working Full Time. 

Successful owners can expect

Startup costs as low as


Annual revenue potential*


Annual profit potential*


* Figures are projections for owners operating with 1-40 nurses working full time. 

Scrubportal Grants You Access To The Entire Healthcare Ecosystem

Select from thousands of healthcare settings across all 50 states.


We offer some of the best government contracts available today.


Opportunities galore and potential for growth.

SNF/Nursing Homes

Less turnover of patients means lasting relationships.

Home Health

Prefer a one-on-one approach to healthcare? Consider a Home Health position!

Pharma/Clinical Trials

Get involved and evaluate pharmaceutical products in the industry.

School Systems

If no night or weekend shifts sound like bliss, a school nurse may be fit!


Work in a growing industry and learn to connect with patients over the phone.


Is this the right opportunity for you?

Whether you're interested in a full-time, travel, or contract position, Scrubportal has jobs available for you! Spend more time at home and with your loved ones while earning the pay you deserve.

Recruit at your pace while working as a nurse or recruit full-time: Effectively removing the cap to what you can earn.


The Biggest Help: You

Scrubportal's solution to the healthcare shortage is by helping professionals work closer to areas of their interest. Hospitals and other facilities will no longer need to resort to agencies for temporary employees. Work with Scrubportal, and we'll find the perfect job for you.

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What you do

Complete Your Application

Complete your application by filling out your profile! Tell us a little about yourself and gain access to our whole job board.

Apply To As Many Jobs as You Want

Gain access to openings across 50 States! Choose and select which one you'll qualify for!

Start Working

Once you're confirmed to start your job, start as soon as possible and start earning.

Have Your Friends Join In!

Do you have an extensive network of professionals to work with? Point out Scrubportal, and we'll take care of the rest for you!

Expand your company

Network as much as possible, the more you hire, the more you earn!

What we do

Get you started

Scrubportal will be your backbone. Gain access to Scrubportal's services free such as cloud storage, job boards, e-interviews, and more!

Be Proficient, Be Prepared

Get free access to Scrubportal's competency test and get certified on the go.

Fully equipped

Scrubportal will provide you the technology to manage you, your assignments, and recruits all in one place.

Live support

Experiencing difficulties? Our Scrubportal team of experts is more than ready to help you! Receive on-demand support for submissions, assignments, and contacting hiring managers!

Share our wisdom

Scrubportal has more than 20 years of healthcare and technological experience to guide you in one of the fastest-growing industries.

What you'll need

Customer obsession

You start with the customer and work backward.


You love people! You are great at leading and retaining a team of nurses.

Produce results

Your can-do attitude inspires your team to handle the healthcare environment, even when challenges arise.


You’re capable of dealing with the ambiguity of a fast-paced, ever-changing business.

Your success story starts here.