Why Choose Scrubportal?

The building blocks you’ll need to become a Scrubportal NursePreneur

Scrubportal gives you the entire recruiting toolbox in one easy-to-use portal.

• Joint Commission Certified

No need to wait for accreditation from the Joint Commission. Be recognized as a certified Nursepreneur with Scrubportal.

• Insurance Liability

Can't afford Insurance Liability? Be protected from our partner networks for a small fee as small as $10!

• Back Office

Need a team to support you? Scrubportal will be your backbone in each step! Ask us how!


• Marketing Jobs

Experience the largest marketplace of jobs in over 50 states! Unlimited opportunities to experience and unlimited options to choose from!

• On-boarding

The Scrubportal interface is easy to navigate and provides all the tools you need from documents, skills checklist, exams, and timesheets.

• Document Parking

Always away from the keyboard? Park your documents at Scrubportal and have access to them 24/7 online!

• Competency Testing and Checklist

Scrubportal offers free skills checklist and competency testing to fully qualify your contingent staff!


Your success story starts here.